Dear Friends and Family,

Please take a moment to read and consider supporting a cause that is very dear to my family. Dr. Goel's mother Pramila Goyal and uncle Govind Agrawal have been the leads in supporting an orphanage for mentally handicapped girls in their hometown of Dhule, India. The name of the Orphanage is Shri Sanskar Mandmati Mulinche Balgruh (meaning Children's Home for Handicapped Girls).

The current facilities are highly inadequate and underfunded, but there is a plan... now to build an improved facility for these girls and can expand to house more than 100+ orphans, as well as teach them simple life skills and crafting skills so they can learn a trade for adulthood. It's humbling to see how little they live on, and we are hoping to do whatever we can to provide a better life for these girls.

Please consider any size donation to help support this important cause for my family. We are fortunate in that we can give our own children the best education and a warm home, and I'm asking for your help to extend that sentiment to these girls.

Be assured that 100% of your donation will go directly to assisting in the construction of the updated facility and providing basic resources to improve these girls' lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Avid Dental