composite fillings

Many of our older patients remember getting their cavities filled with silver, or gold, however technology has progressed over the years in terms of how we treat cavities and how we fill them. Composite fillings involve cleaning out the area so that it is free from debris and bacteria. After the surface has been smoothened and cleaned out, you dentist will apply the filling material into the cavity. There it will dry and harden, with the same color as the rest of your tooth.

Fillings today are made of a resin material that is inert and contains no mercury like amalgam once did. Resin fillings will last years and blend in with your tooth, making it the perfect material for filling cavities. If you have been experiencing sensitivity to cold and hot liquids or foods, or to very sweet foods, you may have a cavity.

we use composite fillings

  • Color matching

  • Safe material

  • Dries fast

  • Durable

  • Long lasting

  • No metal



If you think you might have a cavity or if you lost a filling and would like it replaced with a composite one, we have the skills and technology available to restore your smile. Contact us today to get started!

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